Coaching & Mentoring

Find Your Ideal Coach Or Mentor

Essentially, this is a fantastic platform which any individual can easily and effectively source and select his/her own ideal Coach and/or Mentor and be in total control of the process!

How does it work?

  • The LegacyXYZ platform holds a virtual pool of Coaches and Mentors who are offering themselves as ‘service providers.’ New Coaches and/or Mentors are continually being encouraged to register on the platform for free!
  • Those seeking assistance in either coaching and/or mentoring simply need to register on our website to source and select an ideal Coach or Mentor. Registration for all coaches and mentees is free. Only Coaches and/or Mentors who are registered on the platform can be sourced and selected.

  • The LegacyXYZ platform has a Client Relations Advisor (CRA) at hand to facilitate your matching process, enhancing your interaction with the service. Pricing details are indited at the bottom of this page by clicking on the ‘View Pricing’ tab.

Are Coaching and Mentoring the same?

There are several similarities between coaching and mentoring but there are also very distinct differences between them. To learn more about what defines the two services, click here.

To learn more about coaching specifically and the various types which are available, click here.

Benefits for Users: Coachees & Mentees

  • Access to all accredited and qualified coaches/mentors registered on the platform.
  • All registered coaches/mentors are carefully vetted by LegacyXYZ administration.
  • Many criteria which you are able to select from, to ensure more accurate matchmaking results.

Benefits for Service Providers: Coaches & Mentors

  • Access to a potentially limitless client base with no geographical constraints
  • Many criteria which you are able to select from to ensure users are able to find you

  • Great marketing and personal branding opportunity
  • Client base vetted by LegacyXYZ administration
  • Help and guidance of our Client Relations Advisor at all times

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