Your Reason For Being

Find Your IKIGAI

As we have mentioned, the source for our inspiration in building our holistic offering is the concept of Ikigai, which means “a reason for being”.

Its meaning translates roughly to what encompasses personal joy for you, a sense of purpose and meaning, and a feeling of wellbeing.

The word derives from “iki”, meaning life and “kai”, meaning the realisation of hopes and expectations. Each individual’s Ikigai is personal to them and specific to their lives, values and beliefs.

It reflects the inner self of an individual and expresses that faithfully, while simultaneously creating a mental state in which the individual feels at ease.

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Activities that allow one to feel Ikigai are never forced on an individual; they are often spontaneous, and always undertaken willingly, giving the individual satisfaction and a sense of meaning to life.

Given the significance and importance of this aspect in all our lives, we are offering a specially discreet, strictly private and confidential and professional consultation service.

We engage you over three (or more) sessions of 2 hours each, taking you on your own journey of self-discovery and finally personal fulfilment.

This conversation is purposefully unstructured, and that’s simply because we believe the conversational journey should be unfettered, unencumbered and unhindered.

We like to think of this engagement as a journey of discovery, enlightenment, perhaps affirmation or re-affirmation of your journey in life so far.

Simpson Nondo, Managing Director of Stanton Chase is ready to engage you. Start by having a free 15-minute conversation with him and take it from there.

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