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LegacyXYZ is excited to provide this content and resources page. Registered members are encouraged to browse through an extensive library of relevant, topical and current literature. Which we hope will empower individuals and businesses alike in their quest for learning about career development and management knowledge!
LegacyXYZ is constantly looking for monthly content contributors who will upload professional content that is in-line with the platform’s mission of empowering corporate and entrepreneurial individuals who regard their professional development as their highest priority. The content that you can upload includes but is not limited to informative podcasts, YouTube videos, webinars, white papers, and journal articles etc, created and curated by you. This content will be made available to all platform users and providers under the Resource Platform tab. Your work will be credited to you, this affords you a personal branding and marketing opportunity. Read through our content guidelines before submitting your body of work to cra@legacyxyz.com. All content submitted will be vetted by LegacyXYZ before being published on this platform. LegacyXYZ reserves the right to decide on what will be shared on this platform.